Tuesday, 26 November 2013

This week I'm focusing on a lot of baking for Christmas, so let start off with cookies.
So last spring I found this great recipe to make confetti cookies from M&Ms
So I decided to make these for Christmas, but instead of doing the rainbow effect, I crushed red and green smarities instead.

Look at this cookie dough?  Isn't it pretty.  Course, this now makes me think you could do orange and black candies to make them for Halloween too.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I love advent calenders for Christmas since I was a kid and I really like the idea of having one that I can just reuse year after year.  However, after I saw one at a store that was selling for over $50 I couldn't help but think "I can make one for a third of the cost."  And I did.

Here's how I did it.

Things You'll Need:

A craft cone
24 small cardboard boxes
A glue glue
Green acrylic paint (or whatever colour you choose to paint your tree_
Black acrylic pain
A foam brush
Decorations to decorate it.

First paint the cone and the small boxes in the colour you want your calender to be with the foam brush.  This will take a while, but ti will be worth it and wait for them to dry.

Once you're certain the cone and boxes are dry, pile them up on a the cone to give yourself a general idea where you want them to be.  Just make sure when you actually glue them on you have space between each box, otherwise the lids won't fit.

Next, take the glue gun and glue the boxes onto the cone.  You can see here how I made sure there was space between the boxes both on the sides and top and bottom.  Next comes painting the numbers.

Take the lids and paint the numbers 1-24 with the black acrylic paint.  You can use a stencil for the numbers if you want, but I just did mine by hand.

Now comes the fun part of decorating it.  For me, I simply use stuff I had around the house.  I took red ribbon, add on some bells to it and wrapped it around the tree and secured it with the glue gun.  For the star, I cut out a star shape and cut that out of felt.  Then I sewed it together and glue gun that to the top of the cone.

And ta da!  You know have a lovely advent calender that you made all by yourself.  I plan to fill mine up with chocolate.  If anyone else makes these, I would love to see pictures of them.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Found broomsticks for sale at the local craft store, so I couldn't resist buying one and adding to it for a cute Halloween decoration.  All I did was get some Halloween ribbon, and a black cat decoration to glue to the front and it makes a cute door hanger.  Didn't take me more than an hour hour to make.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I've been wanting a cute Easter wreath for awhile, so I decided to go and make my own.  It wasn't that hard.  I just took a Styrofoam wreath, wrapped some Easter ribbon around it with a hot glue gun to hold it in place.  Then I glued on some eggs and a bunny I bought at the craft store.  Finally, I used the left over ribbon I had to finish off with the bow.